Alex Castley: Project Update

Hello again!

I’ve decided to do a video update on my project and a blog as I recognize it’s hard to say everything I’d like to in a short video clip. I’ll keep this blog focused as it is meant to simply complement my latest video update.

The update on my project is meant to show a different aspect of fun in our organization.  Unlike my nomination video, which focused more on external engagement, this update focuses more on internal engagement.  As I wrote in my first blog, I believe an engaged staff is a happy and more productive staff, and helps us to be viewed as a much more attractive employer.  

As an example of how our staff helps us to be perceived as an attractive employer, I posted an article we were featured in by Michael Kerr (who I’ve mentioned on a number of occasions) on Facebook.  This article was shared by one of our staff on their own personal Facebook page, who subsequently wrote “Every day, we truly live up to the ‘Work made fun, gets done!’ saying… best place to work, ever!”  Another staff member commented on the post, “I love it! So proud to be a part of Integris!”  Who better to attract potential recruits (and members!) than our own staff?

There are many other reasons we do these engaging activities and I’m looking forward to sharing those ideas in Florida.  As I’ve worked on my project and presentation, I’ve gathered some metrics that show how these engagement efforts are paying off - I’m VERY excited to share these statistics.

Finally, I’d really like thank all of my supporters!!! If you would like to watch my ‘Thank You’ video, you can find it here.  

Until Florida… I’ll C.U. Soon!

Alex Castley