Alert: Frequent exclamation-point usage — but it can’t be helped!

I’m I’m thrilled to report fantastic progress on the Women’s Association of Credit Union Leaders (WACUL)! We had our inaugural bi-monthly meeting here in Kansas City, and it was a huge success! As a charter member, I couldn’t be more pleased with the fabulous start! First, it’s empowering to be in a room full of such accomplished women all focused on a common goal — helping women enhance their leadership skills and expand their roles and influence in the credit unions industry!

In all, 30 women from credit unions from Kansas City to St. Louis participated for this foundational meeting. After introductions were made, CommunityAmerica’s Chief Operating Officer Lisa Ginter and Glenna Osborn, President of Missouri Central Credit Union, discussed the charter and vision for this association, emphasizing that the goal is to start small, test concepts here locally, and then expand the program responsibly and strategically over the next several years. Then to top it off, we experienced an awe-inspiring presentation called “Leveraging Social Capital – Building Your Network” by Doranne Hudson, Professor at UMKC Block Business School! Doranne helped motivate and inspire this group, and set the stage for great things to come!

One of the things I’m excited about is something termed “accountability partnering,” where association members can work together to build stronger relationships — and enhance leadership skills. This will cover everything from collaboration to coaching and mentoring, depending on the need. I’m excited to see how this takes shape over time!

Be sure to check out WACUL’s new website I can foresee my fellow CUES contestants collaborating down the road to help expand this program when the time is right! And I can hardly wait for the next meeting Aug. 19! 

As for my Financial MOMentum blog, I’m seeking the right place to host the blog, and am busy writing posts so that we can hit the ground running… very soon!

Regional Finalist – Midwest