A True Leader Produces More Leaders

As we move into the succession planning phase for the Servus Young Leaders Network, three of our executive committee members will complete their term and three new committee members will be added in November at the beginning of our fiscal year. We are looking for those that want to be trailblazers in the development of young people within Servus Credit Union. We want our executive committee to inspire others.

In my humble opinion, I don’t think you can be a leader without being inspired by other leaders. As a young person, you look to key figures in your life that you want to model your actions and behaviours. I am not saying that you need to be exactly like them, but I believe that you can definitely pick up key traits and characteristics that a successful leader has, and combine them with your own abilities to make you a better person. 

For the Servus Young Leaders Network, this is the type of leader we want to build. We want to influence, motivate, and enable others towards success. We want to help other young leaders become successful because we have helped them realize the maximum potential in their abilities. We want to guide others to hold themselves responsible for a higher standard than anybody expects.

The impact of having that type of leadership available to you is invaluable. I have been extremely lucky to have that type of leadership in my life. This person has been the single biggest influence in my 12 year credit union career. Like a true level 5 leader, he would be humble and say that I did most of the work myself, but I disagree with that. Without having him believe in me and my potential, I am nowhere near not only the Servus Credit Union employee, but the person, that I am today. He has taught me to be a stronger leader and a better husband and father for my family. 

As the Servus Young Leaders Network moves forward in its young leader development journey, I can only hope that we continue to see the best in people who have not dared to see the best within themselves. 

To influence…. to impact….. to inspire.

And to Eric…… thanks for everything.