A Player is Only as Good as Their Coaches

As excited as I was to win the award in Vegas and receive a scholarship to the prestigious CEO Institutes, I have to say that my favorite award has been the incredible coaching I’ve received from some awesome mentors.

Deedee Myers of DDJ Myers Ltd. was my NTCUE coach up to the competition and has continued on after the CUES CETNET conference. Deedee’s advice has been invaluable and her ability to cut through the noise to the heart of the issue is remarkable. I’ve been in contact with Deedee through some extremely complex professional decisions and she’s asked all the right questions. Deedee pushed me out of my own comfort zone and into growth through some very clear action steps that resulted in very successful outcomes.

The leader of CUES, John Pembroke, is a wealth of knowledge and experience in leadership roles in various industries and companies across the U.S. John’s pushing me into “aggressive listening” and daily leadership habits has been a gift and his insights into professional dilemmas are right on the money. I’ve been re-reading Covey’s Seven Habits of a Highly Effective People at John’s suggestion and picking new things out of it in each chapter.

Mike Rosek is the CEO of First Alliance Credit Union in Rochester, Minnesota and has held that role at two other credit unions. Mike is a highly effective leader with tons of leadership experience as a CEO, CFO and competitive fast-pitch softball pitcher. Mike has talked with me about leading teams, finding balance and using his competitive wiring to the benefit of the organizations he leads.

Marty Kelly is the SVP/CMO of Firefly Credit Union and an amazing mentor as a professional, leader and a dad. Marty has received national accolades over the past three decades for his creativity and innovative marketing techniques, but his ability to lead and inspire people has been most impressive and informative to me. Marty was at the CETNET conference with me and continues to meet with me weekly in a coaching/mentoring role.

Last, but certainly not least, Michael Berger from Currency has been a fantastic coach and supporter since CETNET. Michael does a massive amount of work to make sure the NTCUE competition happens each year, and does his best to keep us all on track. His direction and ability to communicate complex processes very simply has been a massive help.

Until next time! 

Geoff Bullock