A Million Thanks!


Wow! Can you believe that this adventure began months ago? I suppose time truly does fly when you are having fun.

I have too many emotions flying through my head to describe- excitement, joy, passion, pride, shock and even a few nerves J.  But more than any of those is gratitude. 

So thank you to CUES and the NTCUE competition for allowing me to share this journey with the credit union world. To Deedee for the support and feedback – your  thoughts have strengthen me during this journey, but also helped provide more clarity on the impact this project can have on the industry. To the other 4 finalists, you are all incredible. Each of your projects brings a different life to our wonderful industry and I cannot wait to continue this adventure.

THANK YOU to my wonderfully encouraging family at RRCU for supporting me while I put my finger-prints all over our organization and the industry – you are all my cheerleaders and the ones that have worked day after day to execute this member experience dream. And finally to my friends and family – your support has been overwhelming. Jason, Delaney, Bella and Dani – I love you! Thank you for supporting mom while she works extra hard every day – you are the lights that keep me happy always – not to mention, you definitely ensured I got the most elementary school kiddos voting for me J. 

From the bottom of my heart thank you all a million times over.

Next stop… Vegas!
Jessica Vartanian