2018 Applicant: Valentina Scott

Valentina Scott is a 30-year-old Service Manager at Arizona Federal Credit Union ($1.576B) in Phoenix, Arizona, United States.

Project Title
Financial Abuse Prevention

Short Pitch
Financial abuse can be prevented and my project can help.

My project is focused on prevention of financial abuse against the elderly. This is an issue that affects thousands of credit union members. 

My plan is to first educate staff. The education will include review of early warning signs, the reporting process, statistics, and the impact of abuse for both our member and the credit union.

I am in the early stages of my plan to enhance the account monitoring in our teller system. I am hoping to have accounts flagged earlier and incorporate other preventative tools. 

The project will also educate our membership. This part of my initiative will include after hour seminars in our branches and skilled nursing facilities. The seminars will focus on education about current scams and victim prevention. We will also provide financial planning and programs to assist with credit and account monitoring. 

With my project the credit union will be able to educate staff and members. We will engage with our local community and enhance our member loyalty.

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