2018 Applicant: Sarasvati Maharajh

Sarasvati Maharajh is a 33-year-old Supervisor Wealth, Estate and Member Services at The Energy Credit Union ($69M) in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Project Title
Activate The Advocate

Short Pitch
A holisitc training program to activate the Credit Union advocate in everyone.

There are many advocates in the Credit Union system however, how many of them are actively advocating on a daily basis?

Advocates are arguably the best form of Marketing in our movement and the key to sustainability. Fostering the relationships we have with current advocates and activating the ones that are still not quite there are points my credit union is passionate about focusing on.

I am designing a holistic training program designed to activate the advocate in each employee and in turn to train each one on how to activate the advocate in each member.

This program is designed and customized to maximize the positive impact on our overall strategic plan. It will touch on every area, in every department from Marketing to Service and sales.

I believe the more advocates we have in the system, the stronger our future!

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