2018 Applicant: Megan Tafolla

Megan Tafolla is a 32-year-old Contact Center Supervisor (Hiring Specialist) at Navy Federal Credit Union ($90B) in Merrifield, Virginia, United States.

Project Title
Grassroots Coaching Movement

Short Pitch
The purpose of this Grassroots Coaching Movement is to allow employees to leverage their unique talents by serving others to continually develop skills and enhance the culture of our organization.

My project consists of organizing a grassroots coaching movement across my organization. Participants must disclose to coordinator specific skillsets that they are seeking to develop and specific strengths they offer along with their complete resume. The coordinator will then match partners to create Learner-Coach duos. Each partner will be entering the relationship with the knowledge and expectation that they have something to give the other, and vice versa. Additionally, partners will be from vastly different parts of the organization and may work from different sites. This provides an additional benefit of expanding each other’s knowledge of the business. Once the allotted timeframe for coaching has been completed, participants will assess what they have learned from each other, the current state of their individual development, and sign up for their next pairing. Participated are encouraged to share what they learn with others around them. Once the formal coaching relationship ends, it is suggested partners remain in contact to provide continual support and updates on each other’s progress, thus encouraging team members to have a vested interest in the success of others. Team members are able to serve others while also refining their own skillsets aligning with the credit union philosophy of “people helping people.” This collective growth along with increased morale from expanding networks will lead to even higher quality service for members around the world.

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