2018 Applicant: Mackenzie Schultz

Mackenzie Schultz is a 25-year-old Loan Processor at Blackhawk Community Credit Union ($550M) in Janesville, Wisconsin, United States.

Project Title
Next Step

Short Pitch
A comprehensive alternative to the payday lending lifestyle.

2018 caps were placed on predatory lending, which has paved the way for our Credit Union, among others, to step in and help our members stuck in a terrible payday lending cycle. Payday lending goes deeper than the need for quick money. It is a lifestyle rooted in misinformation, poor financial decisions, and unexpected hardships. Along with our tangible budget tools, we have programs to help save, as well as participating in hard-to-have conversations that can truly save our members’ wellbeing. Our comprehensive alternative is a process to get our members out of a crippling lifestyle, and back to feeling confident about their finances. Come take the Next Step with us.

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