2018 Applicant: Lynette Cupps

Lynette Cupps is a 35-year-old VP Organizational Development at MAX Credit Union ($1.314B) in Montgomery, Alabama, United States.

Project Title
Supporting small businesses and community organizations beyond the money

Short Pitch
Provide cost effective professional development to smaller credit unions, local small businesses and non-profit organizations to support the credit union movement, community advocacy, and employment stability and economic growth.

Small businesses, employing less than 500 employees, employ 48% of US workers, translating to 56.8 million people according to a 2013 report from the US Small Business Administration. For these organizations, the increased costs in compliance, wages, and technology demands wise allocation of each dollar. Forming strategic partnerships with strong credit unions to deliver training can maximize the staff and training development costs associated. While small business owners are offered periodic professional development through financial education, chamber of commerce information, and industry research, there is a gap in the market for affordable, in-house training partners that can assist in staff development using modern, impactful learning tools such as in-classroom sessions as well as remote training options such as e-learning and experiential learning. Additionally, many small businesses require bonding which may require certification of training and knowledge. With a declining unemployment, the competition for good talent is increasing. This creates risks for organizations who may not be able to invest in formal staff development for future promotions and changing customer demands. An employee leaving the organization could impact time to production, cash flow, and service quality. As credit unions, we have the resources to partner with these organizations to help businesses and communities thrive.

Course Offerings may include Business and Financial Acumen, Economics, Employee Engagement, Compensation and Benefits, Leadership, Marketing and Social Media, Computer Security, Employee Selection, Strategic Planning, Staff Development and Coaching, Communication, Process and Change Management, Leadership, Sales Development, Compliance, EEOC and Regulatory Training.

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