2018 Applicant: Lorna Adams

Lorna Adams is a 34-year-old Talent Management Specialist at Anheuser-Busch Employees' Credit Union ($1.7B) in St. Louis, Missouri, United States.

Project Title
Rethinking our Onboarding Experience

Short Pitch
Revamped, immersive employee orientation experience creates confidence for new team members.

Our onboarding program felt uninspired and didn’t effectively communicate what we needed our new employees to retain. A cross-functional team collaborated to determine exactly what we should share. Fast-forward one year, and the major overhaul of our New Employee Orientation program is complete and has been relaunched with a great deal of success. As a Credit Union, we work to have a positive impact on our members and our newest employees all see the importance of serving with excellence from the start. Each session begins with an informal breakfast attended by members of our Executive team, where we discuss latest happenings at the credit union. After the wrap-up of orientation, back office employees transition to their departments to begin their role-specific training and front line team members continue their training with us for a full ten days. During that time, they have the opportunity to work outside of the training room, in a real branch, which is located at our main office. For three full days, they assist members in the drive-up and lobby. They see firsthand how tenured employees, including the trainers, interact with our members and treat them as valued partners. During this immersive experience, we’re right there alongside them to walk them through processing the transactions. If any sticky situations come up, we can help them, in real-time, to navigate and successfully problem solve. We have seen how some employees’ transition from being nervous and full of self-doubt to confident in their new role, as competent employees.

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