2018 Applicant: Jodi Maus

Jodi Maus is a 33-year-old Talent Development Specialist at Central Minnesota Credit Union ($1.03B) in Melrose, Minnesota, United States.

Project Title
Management Course

Short Pitch
To develop and implement an eight session “Management” course customized to the needs of current and future leaders of the credit union.

Central Minnesota Credit Union (CMCU) has grown rapidly over the past several years, which increased the need for additional leadership positions throughout the organization. With the addition of these management positions, it was recognized that we needed to offer these emerging leaders opportunities to develop their skills. 

Like many credit unions, we were only able to send a few key leaders each year to offsite conferences to increase their management skills, so we started developing our own leadership courses, customized to fit our needs. The CMCU leadership and financial leadership courses focus on current managers, as well as those interested in a management career path. 

While we already have a variety of leadership courses, my project is to develop and facilitate another course, which will be geared toward managers with at least two years of experience. This “Management” course will provide managers the opportunity to continue building on their knowledge as we explore topics like emotional intelligence, managing an intergenerational workforce, and building trust. I also plan to introduce 360 reviews, the opportunity to work on their presentations skills, and ultimately implement their leadership skills by working on a strategic initiative. I will also collaborate with our Accounting team to include additional finance topics, such as asset liability management, budgeting, and understanding how leaders impact our key financial ratios. 

I would love the opportunity to share more about Central Minnesota Credit Union’s leadership development program with others so that all credit unions can build their future leaders!

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