2018 Applicant: Jesse Jacobs

Jesse Jacobs is a 27-year-old AVP in Lending at Campco Federal Credit Union ($115M) in Gillette, Wyoming, United States.

Project Title
Rising Star Institute

Short Pitch
A program to equip future leaders with the tools to help drive the success of the Credit Union movement.

Young professionals are our future executive leaders. As a movement we should be developing and preparing them for their next journey. I am contributing by developing an internal leadership program. The Rising Star Institute focuses on leadership, strategic thinking, and Credit Union philosophy. The program will help management determine who the rising stars are in the organization, which allows mentoring opportunities. It will help create relationships with successful leaders and hopefully create passion within the young professionals. This is an opportunity for young professionals to break out of their shells and comfort zones.

The Rising Star Institute will open the door for employees to go to conferences, workshops, network opportunities, and attend our annual planning session. I find value in pushing employees out of their comfort zones and exploring the “unknown.” The attendees of the program will be assigned a project to complete. As a group they will work together and create a strategic plan, this project encourages collaboration and out of the box thinking. The group will report quarterly on their progress, with the intent of using their ideas during the management/board planning session. 

The Credit Union movement is based on an idea: people helping people. The Rising Star Institute will turn that idea inward to our origination’s staff. Through collaboration, mentorship, and education, we will empower our employees by making their voices heard and advance our Credit Union’s success by continuing to grow and evolve to meet the needs of the next generation of Credit Union members.

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