2018 Applicant: Emily Olson

Emily Olson is a 25-year-old Marketing Development Specialist at Educators Credit Union ($2.2B) in Mt. Pleasant, Wisconsin, United States.

Project Title
Education, Communication and Innovation.

Short Pitch
Closing the communication loop to increase customer awareness and satisfaction.

Technology has had an unbelievable impact on our society. It has changed the way we as consumers interact with each other and businesses. In order to stay relevant in a fast-paced society inundated with new technology, credit unions must focus on developing and maintaining communication channels that enable our membership to become educated about their financial choices. Depending on the member, this could be a one-on-one conversation, an email, a text message, or through the latest social media platform. However, the communication does not stop at the end of this first conversation. Giving members the ability to continuously provide feedback, as well as ask further questions, increases the impact of your initial conversation. Satisfaction is increased when a member feels like they are heard. Creating this feedback loop is critical to the success of any messaging and creates the personalized touch in a increasingly technology-based society.

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