2018 Applicant: Cori Ramsay

Cori Ramsay is a 31-year-old Communications Officer at Integris Credit Union ($1.5M) in Prince George, British Columbia, Canada.

Project Title
Let’s Get our Podcast on!

Short Pitch
A credit union podcast series to promote financial literacy and awareness about what credit unions are and the services/expertise they offer.

My idea is to create a credit union podcast series that uses subject matter experts - the people who are the most passionate about what they do - and pair it with a popular form of technology to create a new way of reaching members. Podcasts are popular and easily accessible; the potential for a national or even international podcast series could be a great way to live the cooperative values and promote collaboration among cooperatives. By utilizing subject matter experts, we can interview individuals about things people want to know about and give them the answer they need. Things like why investing early is important and how compound interest works; or what to look for in the terms of a mortgage agreement - things that are important and could potentially impact individuals in a large way. This idea is unique and isn’t something I’ve seen any one credit union doing, but it has the potential to bring us together and promote our services, products, people, the community projects we champion and more. The best part about this idea is that over time the financial sector changes and we can revisit and refresh old content; it’s an endless possibility where we can share both wealth and knowledge.

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