2018 Applicant: Clark Duncan

Clark Duncan is a 26-year-old Branch Manager at Fort Knox Federal Credit Union ($1.5B) in Radcliff, Kentucky, United States.

Project Title
FLIP the Switch

Short Pitch
FLIP-Future Leaders in Innovation Program

Future Leaders in Innovation Program (FLIP) is a curriculum based program that is designed around creating a culture of innovation within your Credit Union, and the industry as a whole. I generated this idea after speaking at CUNA's Lending Conference on "Using Innovation to Attract and Retain Millennials". Most people look at innovation from the top down, however, FLIP is designed to "flip the switch" and change the focus to our frontline staff. They interact with our members on a daily basis, see the issues they are facing and work alongside those members to help find solutions. What if we can help facilitate this on a larger scale? FLIP will give our employees an opportunity to look through the innovation process and give a platform for their ideas to grow and develop. 

Not only will this help create a culture of innovation as previously described, but when employees feel valued and heard, they are more likely to stay within an organization. FLIP gives employees an opportunity to be leaders within their own company as well as at the industry level.

The world of technology and innovation is constantly evolving; FLIP will help our industry be leaders of change. It is time to FLIP THE SWITCH.

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