2018 Applicant: Blaine Bartholomew

Blaine Bartholomew is a 35-year-old AVP of Member Experience at Unitus Community Credit Union ($1B) in Portland, Oregon, United States.

Project Title
Member Rewards Account Program

Short Pitch
Member reward program focused on the ownership difference, promoting technology and saving, and attracting Millennials.

My project proposal is to create a Unitus member rewards program that is a tool for improvement in the following areas:

  • Clearly communicates the benefits of being a member owner.
    - More than words, the member will see tangible benefits of being an owner.

  • Promotes member saving.
    - Creates innovative ways for members to save money.

  • Reinforces the credit union difference.
    - Like the REI dividend check, it is a reminder of why we are different.

  • Demystifies negative connotations associated with credit unions (“local”).
    - Offers a tool to incent member behavior to reveal member experience channels we have to offer. Think about a $2 reward for using a CO-OP ATM, or a $5 reward for your first mobile check deposit for example.

  • Attracts and retains members (especially millennials).
    - Incorporate into mobile/online banking solution to incorporate positive reinforcement as members improve their financial lives.

I will lead a project to overhaul of our current “Share” account into a robust “rewards” account that is customized for Unitus. 

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