2018 Applicant: Aubrey Gallagher

Aubrey Gallagher is a 31-year-old Compliance Assistant at Heartland Credit Union ($318M) in Hutchinson, Kansas, United States.

Project Title
Creating a Culture of Compliance and Political Advocacy

Short Pitch
I want to create and foster a "Culture of Compliance and Political Advocacy" at Heartland Credit Union!

My goal is to create a “Culture of Compliance and Political Advocacy” throughout my credit union. This will be achieved in part by implementing compliance “games” such as word-searches and trivia activities- complete with prizes and rewards- during my routine branch visits. In addition, a deeper awareness of Political Advocacy will be fostered by highlighting specific credit union-friendly legislation that is coming up for votes (via email, posters, etc.), educating co-workers about who their legislators are and how to contact them, and by being a resource for anyone who wants to participate in Political Advocacy efforts. Passion drives me in everything I do, and this project is no different. My goal is to help fellow employees better understand regulatory compliance and the role we can each play in advocating for common-sense regulation and change. All of this will result in better service for every member, every time they come through the doors.

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