2017 Applicant: Taylor Yezek

Taylor Yezek is a 26-year-old Corporate Communications Coordinator at Collins Community Credit Union ($1B) in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, United States.

Project Title
The Cultural Equation: Vision + Values + Behaviors + People = Success

Short Pitch
Developing a brand built on culture takes years; but with the cultural equation, credit unions can customize the framework to create a unique cultural experience that encourages employee engagement and differentiates them from their competition.

At Collins, we recognize that our people are our most valuable asset. When employees are engaged with their organization, they feel more confident and empowered, there is higher productivity and retention rates, and less absenteeism. That's why we've decided to make culture a priority. Our culture strategy is a multi-phase strategy that includes defining our vision, values, brand behaviors, and making people a priority. In February of 2017, we rolled out a new vision statement, cultural values, and brand behaviors. The next phase of our culture strategy involves implementing a multi-year university style leadership development program with an emphasis on experiential and servant learning, implementing feedback from the workplace engagement survey we launched in April, and continuing to search for ways to tie every decision we make back to our vision. Building a strong corporate culture takes years to achieve, but we’ve designed the framework for success and are excited to begin phase two of our culture strategy.

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