2017 Applicant: Nicole Phillips

Nicole Phillips is a 35-year-old Marketing Manager at Power Financial Credit Union ($600M) in Pembroke Pines, Florida, United States.

Project Title
Disruption take-over through pop culture

Short Pitch
Utilizing Pop Culture as the tool for credit unions to be the disruptor in the Finance Industry

I was born and raised in a developing country and moved to the United States for opportunity. I was instantly drawn to the credit union industry and became a member of a credit union as my first financial institution. I have been a member of credit unions for over 18 years. My career path has lead me to Power Financial Credit Union, where I have learned about the history and extended assistance we provide to our members. 

We are doing a great job, but I believe we can make an even greater impact on society and be true disruptors in the financial industry. 

Similarly, Pop Culture over the decades has brought about change in the way we communicate, socialize and get people's attention.

I believe that by using Pop Culture in our marketing efforts and becoming more vibrant and edgy, we will be able to increase awareness as well as increase membership and share of wallet.

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