2017 Applicant: Michael Murdoch

Michael Murdoch is a 35-year-old Marketing Specialist in Portland, Oregon, United States.

Project Title
Be the change.

Short Pitch
The installation of cause-marketing and brand awareness within a network of participating credit unions, while shifting the movement toward social enterprise.

It is my belief that a credit union's mission, strategy, and growth can all be driven through community impact. 

Day by day, consumers world-wide are aiming to be more socially-conscious. According to a 2015 Global CSR study, 90% of U.S. consumers say they would switch brands to one associated with a cause, given comparable price and quality.

In response, more and more companies are adopting a social and morally responsible-outlook when it comes to conducting business. With a few key principles, credit unions could be delivering the same. 

This may be done by following a simple list of cause-marketing actions:

✓ Simple and inspiring messaging
✓ Strong visual storytelling
✓ A physical element or exhibit
✓ Strong emphasis on social sharing and earned media
✓ Focus on a big issue coupled with a request for a small personal action

The members of tomorrow will want – and expect – businesses to be thinking about their impact on the broader world as it reflects the members' core values. Tying a commitment to a cause others can believe in will solidify your institution's place in the community, reinforce loyalty, encourage growth, and merit respect.

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