2017 Applicant: Kandi Thiry

Kandi Thiry is a 34-year-old Branch Manager at PCM Credit Union ($227M) in Green Bay, Wisconsin, United States.

Project Title
The Ever Changing Core of Credit Unions

Short Pitch
My goal is to research and develop a step-by-step guide for all credit unions to successfully evaluate and possibly convert core data processing systems.

My project for the Next Top Credit Union Executive competition is a direct result of our credit union doing its due diligence in evaluating our current core system provider. In researching this I noticed that there is no true “guide” to help other credit unions through this search. My project consists of creating a template of documents that we at PCMCU can use to evaluate and look at other core processors and it can also be used by other credit unions in the future. This process will make it easier for credit unions to document and audit their findings from their search. Collaboration among cooperatives, with this being such a large undertaking for all credit unions we are helping each other to not have to re-invent the wheel.

I hope you enjoy hearing about my project and find that it could help you or your credit union in the future when faced with a challenge as large as a core processor review. Please vote for me so I can continue sharing my journey of this project with you so we can all continue to carry out our People Helping People philosophy.

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