2017 Applicant: Jessica Vartanian

Jessica Vartanian is a 34-year-old VP, Project Implementation and Impact at Red Rocks Credit Union ($270M) in Littleton, Colorado, United States.

Project Title
Re-Engineering the Member Journey

Short Pitch
Learn how custom data integrations, automated system workflows, and empowered team members come together to forge a world-class CRM that is re-engineering the member journey.

Many credit unions today are sitting at a crossroads. Struggling to maintain the “People Helping People” mentality critical to the foundation of our movement; while also recognizing post-modern civilization as we know it is evolving to yet another era. We live in a world where our children have an apps for homework, and Amazon data intelligence probably knows us better than our own neighbor. 

Our solution to this ever-changing digital world, is to train and empower our team with a customized CRM focused on making each member interaction efficient, authentic, and impactful. 

When so many vendors today temp us with words like "turn-key" it is almost too easy to plug a new solution in, and then scratch our heads later wondering-- why isn't this working? For us, we recognized that in order for a CRM to be effective, it was necessary to break-down organizational silos and create a system authentic to who we are as credit union, and authentic to each of our members. 

Current phase one customization of this project includes:

  • Custom integrations to 4 key vendors 
  • A 360 degree view of referral tracking
  • Overhaul of pipeline and loan management
  • Automated on-boarding and relationship building tools
  • Comprehensive case management, tailored to line of business needs
  • Extensive organizational dashboards to support agility and C-Level transparency 

Please watch my video as I share more about this project, and reveal our remarkable out-of-the-gate results. 2017 is only the beginning. I look forward to engaging with everyone as our transformation continues!

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