2017 Applicant: Derek Fuzzell

Derek Fuzzell is a 31-year-old Vice President - Finance at Northwest Federal Credit Union ($3,258M) in Herndon, Virginia, United States.

Project Title
F.A.R.E. Framework: Financial Management for Credit Union Professionals

Short Pitch
Develop and facilitate a series of financial management courses aimed to enrich understanding of these topics for all members of management and future leaders in the credit union industry.

Through my role in finance I have a unique opportunity to shape the strategies of the credit union. In order to share my area of expertise with my colleagues and increase employee engagement with our balance sheet, I have developed an exciting and informative series of courses on financial management. In preparing this course I was motivated knowing that by our front line management team gaining a deeper understanding of the balance sheet and financial operations of the credit union, they will be able to directly transfer this knowledge to our members helping them with financial management. In addition, they will have more insight into how to use their budgets to benefit members while growing the credit union.

My project, to design and implement a four-part course in financial management, touches on elements related to:
• Finance,
• Accounting,
• Risk Management, and
• Economics
accordingly named the F.A.R.E. framework. 

Through this four-part series leaders and future leaders will learn the basics of the F.A.R.E. Framework and how their roles impact the financial performance of their credit unions. 
This course is designed in a fun and interactive manner ideal for a class size of less than 20 people.

The F.A.R.E. Framework Series is being launched at Northwest Federal Credit Union in the third quarter. Long term, this series will be offered annually for new members of management and future rising stars to assist with their career growth and development. I look forward to learning alongside my colleagues through discussion and hands on activities.

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