2017 Applicant: Daniel Bradshaw

Daniel Bradshaw is a 35-year-old Business Development Officer at Marion Community Credit Union ($66M) in Marion, Ohio, United States.

Project Title
Making Financial Education Fun (Seriously)

Short Pitch
Develop financial education lesson plans for kids infusing theatre, creative writing, and comedy.

Teaching kids about money is extremely important. While there are plenty of lesson plans out there, a lot of the existing methods are bland, boring, and the kids aren't very interested.

(Enter Me)

I describe myself as having the heart of a teacher, mind of a student, and soul of a performer. By taking elements from the worlds of theatre, creative writing, and comedy, I want to develop financial education lesson plans for kids that are different, engaging, and effective.

The goal here is the creation (in partnership with local teachers) of an entire series of interactive lessons that match the appropriate standards for their particular grade levels.

Follow me as I attempt to prove that money can be fun - even when you're not spending it.

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