2017 Applicant: Crystal Rocchio

Crystal Rocchio is a 34-year-old Assistant Manager at Long Reach Federal Credit Union ($59M) in Middlebourne, West Virginia, United States.

Project Title
My Credit Union Rocks!

Short Pitch
Providing a fun and creative way to spread Credit Union Awareness to the younger generations while sharing random acts of kindness and sending positive messages to one another.

I am going out on a limb and into my creative and fun-loving side and will be bringing the outdoors into my project. As many of you are aware, the Kindness Rock Project has been circulating throughout the country with a simple goal…to promote random acts of kindness to unsuspecting recipients. My project is to take this one step further and incorporate our credit union message and awareness on the rocks. This is a fun way to invite your community together and inform them about the credit union difference. This will also increase membership growth.

Our rocks will display messages such as “Join Today,” “I Love My Credit Union,” “People Helping People.” We will write positive messages on them along with our office location and invite people to become a member to experience the credit union difference.

We will target all age groups and will encourage participation throughout our Facebook page and with our offices. We will share pictures and messages on social media to promote our credit union.

“My CU Rocks” will also include a hashtag “#LRFCU Rocks” to link everyone who is spreading the word and sending our positive messages to multiple locations. 
This is a fun and inexpensive way to promote credit union awareness. We will share member testimonies and encourage others to share their credit union stories. This September, we will be hosting our Annual Kids Day with several fun activities including rock painting. 
A little bit of fun and positivity can go a long way!

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