2017 Applicant: Brandon McAdams

Brandon McAdams is a 34-year-old VP, Marketing and Product Development at Coastal Credit Union ($2800M) in Raleigh, North Carolina, United States.

Project Title
Marketing 3.0

Short Pitch
To compete against Chase, SoFi, Netflix and Uber, your credit union must combine marketing and product development to deliver right products at the right time in a compelling manner.

Today's consumer is saturated with media and has a multitude of options for any product they need. In order to break through and reach consumers, your products need to be relevant and differentiating. If marketing on social networks was Marketing 2.0, then Marketing 3.0 is all about the products themselves being a reflection of your brand and connecting those products with members who want them. 

My plan is to deliver on that promise by breaking down the silos between marketing and product development by combining them into one department. In this way, there's a smaller feedback loop between design and response. This allows credit unions to bridge the gap between product and message and deliver to members a better experience, higher satisfaction and increased product sales.

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