2017 Applicant: Amanda Munier

Amanda Munier is a 32-year-old VP of Accounting & IT at White Crown FCU ($62M) in Denver, Colorado, United States.

Project Title
The Dream Maker App

Short Pitch
Technology is an essential part of communicating with our members, so why not use it to help members achieve their dreams?

Let’s change the way we communicate with our members and make it into a two-way conversation to become a partner with them in achieving their dreams and financial success. My idea is to create an app that could tracking savings, have tips to build credit, and let members upload images or articles related to their aspirations. The credit union can then communicate through the app related promotions, messages of encouragement and can reward milestones in the member’s journey toward their goal. We would become their cheerleader and support in a way that is instant and accessible. After all, the average American spends almost 37 and a half hours per month accessing apps according to a recent study by Nielson, so let’s be present in this space! 

Times have changed and owning your first car or your first home isn’t always what our members are going after. A dream vacation, spending more time with family, going to a concert at the ultimate venue, or going back to school are all dreams of our members. We can partner with them to achieve these goals through building savings or getting a loan in addition to offering traditional products like a mortgage. 

People helping people is the credit union way, and this app would be another tool for our movement. By partnering with our members to help them achieve their dreams, we build relationships, foster communication and create a loyal member. 

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