2016 Applicant: Stephanie Zuleger

Stephanie Zuleger is a 32-year-old VP/Chief Lending Officer of Y-12 Federal Credit Union ($997M) in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, United States.

Project Title
Talent 20/20

Short Pitch
Ensuring future success through robust, proven, and strategic talent development and planning.

As of 2015, only 60% of credit unions had succession plans for their CEOs!! This doesn’t even include the other leaders and critical positions in credit unions! In an industry experiencing insolvency and mergers on almost a daily basis, we need to step up our game. We need solid leadership pipelines, and we need to be experts on building leaders. 

The Solution: Talent 20/20. 

While earning my doctorate, I spent time with CEOs from across the nation and made it my mission to understand what is impeding the process and what exactly it will take to become an industry known for its top talent and extraordinary leaders.

Talent 20/20 brings new, yet proven perspectives, best practices, research from other industries, and important focuses to help us cultivate a “unique sharpness” when it comes to developing and valuing our people. Our current leaders, future leaders, employees, and members demand it! 

Stop hoping things will change. Talent 20/20 outlines how to start or enhance your succession planning program, shifting it from a dust collecting binder to a strategic, transformational tool that advances your organization. Start getting results like those in leadership-rich CUs who have achieved 180-200% loan growth in the last 5 years, results they attribute to their talent!

Included in Talent 20/20:

Who should start the program. Who should champion it. What organizational levels it should cover. Top qualities in leaders and how to identify them. Best hiring strategies. Best developmental activities. Facilitators. Best resources available. The RESULTS!

You ready?

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