2016 Applicant: Ryan Manis

Ryan Manis is a 31-year-old Director of Branch Operations of UnitedOne Credit Union ($200M) in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, United States.

Project Title
The Branch Transformation

Short Pitch
I am taking the traditional branch as we know it into the future by using cutting edge technology and integrating the universal MSR model.

I am currently working on transforming the way UnitedOne Credit Union delivers retail services to the communities we serve. In February of 2016, when I came on board with UnitedOne Credit Union, I was tasked with a few direct initiatives. The first was to use teller scheduling software to maximize teller transactions per hour.

With the use of this scheduling software we have been able to find opportunities, which have reduced labor cost across all branches, increased transactions per hour per teller and increased our service levels tracked through member surveys.

I was further tasked with researching technology to integrate into the retail branches to differentiate ourselves against our competition, and last of all maximize each and every transaction with our members. The timeline from concept to completion, is the end of the year 2016.

As we move along this journey I will have updates to unveil technology that will be first to market in both of the counties we serve. I will also be able to report the transition of our teller staff to a universal MSR role, which will provide a livable working wage for our employees. Last of all, I will be able to report on the merging of a completely new department with our existing service call center.

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