2016 Applicant: Raffo Wimsett

Raffo Wimsett is a 31-year-old Campus Relations Partner of Commonwealth Credit Union ($1B) in Frankfort, Kentucky, United States.

Project Title
Operation "Boots on the Ground"

Short Pitch
The world and credit union industry are changing rapidly around us and we, the Credit Union Family, must be ahead of the needs to best service our communities.

As mentioned in my video application, our industry is focused on staying viable to the member's needs. Needs that are being illustrated by how convenient and accessible one's products and services are. The blueprint has been created. A blueprint firmly based on the foundation of the millennial, which we will continually struggle to keep pace with unless we think in terms of "how do we continue to appeal to this member?". We've already seen how the mobile app is a "must have" resource to stay relevant in the financial industry. The member continues to be spoiled by logging in at the touch of a thumbprint, generating the rise of their expectations on how we, the financial institution, can make life that much easier and simplistic. Operation "Boots on the Ground" takes it to that level. We understand that a member base will filter out at some point, unless we stay ahead of the needle. So how do we get the attention of the millennial? We go to them! The brick and mortar of a branch is no longer the default resource in transacting business. With technology, we have the ability to go to them. We educate them, and bring to light the benefit of doing business with a Credit Union. We emphasize and simplify the everyday demands of financial stability. We initiate the relationship, therefore earning their business, and more importantly, their trust! And so goes the ripple effect for those who follow.

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