2016 Applicant: Marissa Weidenfeller

Marissa Weidenfeller is a 24-year-old Marketing Specialist of Fort Community Credit Union ($220M) in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, United States.

Project Title
Cut the Crap

Short Pitch
A social media driven financial education series that opens the dialog about financial life experiences and how we can learn from them in a person to person non-banking terminology conversation.

This is a social media driven financial education series. I will ask members and community members to submit their biggest “I wish I knew…” moment so we can craft our financial literacy efforts to what our members need to know. This turns the one-sided-talking-at-you presentations into a dialog between financial institution and our members. 

We will then craft short 1-2 minute videos discussing the “I wish I knew…” topic with possible solutions or suggestions. We will utilize the life experiences and skill sets from our current team members to boil down the video into 3 main parts. Identify the problem, offer a similar situation we have experienced, offer suggestions on how to overcome. By approaching sensitive subjects such as financial shortcomings from a person to person aspect, our members will be more likely to listen if they are not being talked down to. People like to be relatable. 

Cut the Crap comes into play because we will not be using fancy financial lingo. We will use a boiled down dialog that a middle school student could understand. My goal is to bring some of our culture into these videos by keeping the serious subject upbeat and lighthearted by throwing in a movie reference or joke here and there. This helps hold attention and will hopefully keep our members coming back each time a video is posted. 

Eventually, I would like to utilize our bilingual team members to translate these videos so that our Spanish speaking members can get the information.

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