2016 Applicant: Mario Mejia

Mario Mejia is a 33-year-old Business Development Director of Department of Interior Federal Credit Union ($165M) in Washington, DC, United States.

Project Title
Spurring Growth Through Community Investments

Short Pitch
Service through philanthropy achieves the motto of the credit union movement, and produces residual growth solutions that contributes to the bottom line.

This project proposes a bold way to maximize business with a community focus. To that end, in 2013 we founded an in-house philanthropic committee. The underlying mission of the committee is to work towards societal improvement through volunteering, an essential goal of all responsible organizations. Our approach is simple – strategically engage our communities every month through volunteering/philanthropy. Once refined and targeted, this focus promotes growth and a culture of service for all parties involved. We soon realized by directing monthly philanthropic events we can maximize our highest goals while keeping partnerships in mind. Through this we can effectively leveraged the number one need of our sponsor, the DOI (volunteers) — an eligibility component for Interior Federal Credit Union membership (volunteering), and met a social/communal need (access to financial literacy and wellness solutions). 

This project was created in attempt to avoid quick fixes, but rather create long-term relationship in targeted ways with our communities, members, and SEG groups alike. We took into consideration a communal need of high quality financial services with low to no fee load, and the lack of those who meet the qualification to access them through the credit union. This committee was formed to create a hub for the metro area that would connect volunteering events, volunteers, and like minded organizations in one place. By pushing through the obvious differences of all parties, we have zero'ed in on the greatest need and maximized the outcome for years to come for our credit union.

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