2016 Applicant: Lindsey Benson

Lindsey Benson is a 29-year-old Loan Officer of Soo Co-op Credit Union ($1,700M) in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, United States.

Project Title
Retire on Track Reality Fair

Short Pitch
Educating our members and community on the retirement process and giving them the tools and resources needed to make sound financial decisions.

I have recognized the need for financial literacy, especially where retirement is concerned. My project is to create the first retirement fair in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan that will be extremely beneficial to our membership and community as a whole. Our goal is to give retirees the financial freedom they deserve. In order to accomplish this goal, members must be given the tools and education needed to succeed. By hosting retirement fairs we will get our members and communities more involved in their retirement process, and assist them in planning a successful, enjoyable retirement. Upon completion of the fair, attendees will be more aware of the challenges and necessary decisions they will be faced with when approaching retirement. We hope that this will not only help those involved with the fair, but also bring more recognition to our credit union and the credit union industry. We want to be the financial institution our community trusts with all of the financial needs, from savings and loans, to investments and retirement!

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