2016 Applicant: Jared Dance

Jared Dance is a 33-year-old AVP of Marketing of Deseret First Credit Union ($550M) in Salt Lake City, Utah, United States.

Project Title
Bridging the gap in the Millennial World

Short Pitch
Get ready to learn and taste the difference of how to target and serve the Millennial generation.

Only 8% of millennials turn to financial institutions for guidance, the real, underlying key to gaining their business is to become their trusted advisor. In addition, almost half (45%) are willing to switch banks, credit cards, or brokerage accounts in a heartbeat when a better option comes along (Facebook, 2016).

My purpose has been uncover how DFCU can build trust with millennials. It would be explained further how to be among the few financial institutions they turn to for guidance.

My objective has been to develop a turnkey approach to bridge this gap with the Millennials with necessary steps in digital advertising, YouTube utilization, financial literacy presentations, videos, blogs, and FB advertising. 

Connecting with these Millennials will customized products for their need when they need them. 

The answer is simple enough: meet us where we are, and speak our language. Social media channels are an integral part of our daily lives, so much that 47% of us rely on three or more social media channels for our daily news. Credit unions need to have a much stronger presence on social media sites than they do now, and more important, they need to be present in our conversations, sharing their expertise more—and directly promoting their products less.

To work, DFCU’s social media strategy needs to be a long-term plan for engagement. Building a reliable presence involves consistency over time as much as continuing to provide valuable content that we’ll find relevant and interesting.

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