2016 Applicant: Chris Conway

Chris Conway is a 34-year-old Branch Manager of Smart Financial Credit Union ($625M) in Houston, Texas, United States.

Project Title
The Smart Financial Express

Short Pitch
Our express branch concept uses state of the art technology and extroverted employees to maximize the member experience.

Two years ago we started the first express branch at Smart Financial Credit Union, and due to its success we have opened new express branches and are in the process of converting a traditional branch to this concept.

In our express branches we introduce and educate members to new technology such as our Interactive Teller Machines. These machines take the place of a traditional teller line and provide a quicker, safer and more unique experience for our member. 

We staff these branches with outgoing, technologically saavy employees who are 100% devoted to our members' experience in the branch. They are able to educate and get our members excited about coming back. 

The elimination of a teller line removes the majority of the branch operations that typically pull us away from our members. This extra time is 100% devoted to educating and deepening the relationships we have with our members.

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