2016 Applicant: Catherine Berube

Catherine Berube is a 23-year-old Marketing Coordinator of Carolina Collegiate Federal Credit Union ($87.5M) in Columbia, South Carolina, United States.

Project Title
Culture Lost & Found

Short Pitch
Embarking on culture rediscovery to strengthen the foundation your credit union is based upon.

As changes happen in the industry, it’s easy for work culture to take a place on the back burner. However, culture is something that needs consistent work, and without it there would be no productive growth. Your culture and your employees are the foundation of the credit union. In order to embrace and drive change, your credit union’s climate and culture must be the energy behind it. 

My project has been reclaiming the items that went missing in our culture lost and found. I have started to implement productive communication between departments, more discussions in staff meetings, and fun staff outings. Culture doesn’t have to a big, scary item on the to-do list for the day. It can be little changes that create a significant impact. There is a domino effect when you have a great work culture; your employees are more engaged and are more likely to recommend your credit union to others. By engaging your employees your brand can catch the attention of potential members and even current members. Your work culture is what makes your credit union different from all the rest.

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