2016 Applicant: Caire Chambers

Caire Chambers is a 35-year-old Training Manager of Smart Financial Credit Union ($651M) in Houston, Texas, United States.

Project Title
Think B.I.G.

Short Pitch
Giving teens the tools and knowledge to be financially free.

My purpose in implementing a program catered around teens and financial literacy is to teach our teens how to manage their finances at a young age so they can avoid financial mistakes in the future. At Smart Financial Credit Union we are at an advantage because we have branches in two of our local high schools, run by student interns, with access to parents and teachers that are able to assist with delivering the message to our students.

Financial education is not a part of the high school curriculum, but here at smart financial we have the opportunity to make a positive impression on our teens by having fully functioning branches, run by student interns, in two of our local high schools. My goal is to have this program bring more value to our internship program by empowering our interns to serve as financial role models to their peers. 

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