2015 Applicant: Ryan Manis

Ryan Manis is a 29-year-old Regional Branch Manager of Kohler Credit Union ($355M) in Kohler, Wisconsin, United States.

Project Title
Financial Wellness

Short Pitch    
We Believe in Financial Wellness!

We are using relationship building and high gain questions in our retail branches to drive the credit union movement. Through this we are able to pair solutions to true needs. In the end it is a win win for the member and the credit union.

Our Wellness approach has allowed Kohler Credit Union to increase branch referrals by over 30% since integration and closed loan dollars by 20%.

I understand that conversations with members should be easy, however most members feel their relationship with their financial is strictly transactional. Not at Kohler Credit Union. We want to know our members so that they can help be advocates in the communities we serve to help attract new members and tell the story of the Credit Union movement.

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