2015 Applicant: Molly Gary

Molly Gary is a 25-year-old Marketing Research Specialist of Ent Federal Credit Union ($4B) in Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States.

Project Title
Young Political Advocates

Short Pitch
The mission of the Young Political Advocates (YPA) group is to educate, involve and inspire future leaders regarding current political issues affecting the credit union industry on local and national levels.

After "crashing" the Governmental Affairs Conference in 2014, I wanted to raise awareness of the credit union movement by creating a group for young professionals at Ent. Over the last year, I have learned what both our leadership and employees desire from the Young Political Advocates, allowing me to put together a 12-month plan for the group. 

The goal with this plan is to introduce a structured and engaged setting incorporating unique learning opportunities for group members that may not be available to them otherwise. By creating a collaborative “idea sharing” environment, we allow our employees to bring in creative solutions to local problems. I want group members – our future leaders – to become more involved in the communities we serve.

I will accomplish these goals by: 
• Attending community board meetings and City Council meetings
• Hearing from past and present political leaders
• “Crashing” our Association’s annual meeting
• Learning about and engaging in the upcoming 2016 election
• Recognizing employees for their commitment to the movement

By developing, improving, and advancing our YPA group, we allow these inspirational young professionals to let their voices be heard and to make a difference in the industry they work and within our communities.

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