2015 Applicant: Jimese Harkley

Jimese Harkley is a 35-year-old Philanthropy and Community Relations Manager of America's First Federal Credit Union ($1.3B) in Birmingham, Alabama, United States.

Project Title
Community First Campaign

Short Pitch    
Increase your contributions as a corporate citizen by engaging the employees in teamwork, fundraising, and community outreach activities.

The Community First Campaign is an employee driven, fundraising and financial literacy cooperative created to make an impact on the lives of the members, and non-members, within the communities we serve. The "People Helping People" philosophy challenges credit unions to make their presence known by promoting financial literacy and advocating for issues that touch the lives where they do business. This campaign aims to embrace the credit union motto, while improving our contribution as a good corporate citizen.

Engaging the employees and giving them a stake in the fundraising process can be rewarding. While lots of hard work goes into planning events, many employees give their time and resources to raise money. They reach out to family members, friends, and business contacts to participate in sales or sporting activities to increase financial contributions to local causes. The fundraising goal is equally split between three local non profit organizations that support education, literacy, and research of issues affecting our community charter area. 

The 2015 campaign has a goal of $50,000. Employees will sell essential items, which make home or work life comfortable, while generating reasonable profits to return to the community. Increasing employee engagement by investing time, money, and education to change lives, while building a team of professionals who embrace their responsibility to be good corporate stewards. Watch our employees navigate through the second campaign promoting awareness and raising money to forward the credit union movement. 

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