2015 Applicant: Jenna Lemmon

Jenna Lemmon is a 29-year-old Consumer Loan Underwriter of Advia Credit Union ($1.1B) in Parchment, Michigan, United States.

Project Title
Advia Young Leaders

Short Pitch    
Creating a network of young professionals at Advia Credit Union to instill leadership, ethics, achievement and development (LEAD).

The group would be geared toward the self-lead development of young professionals of Advia Credit Union. The group would consist of young leaders (by title or by nature) under the ages of 35, who are seeking opportunities to better their leadership talents. It will help Advia Credit Union to empower employees to maintain training and knowledge which would in turn aid the retention of young ambitious talent. The proposed program would be low cost and self-directed by the participants. I believe that involving our YPs in events among the credit union world would increase their participation in the credit union movement, local community and advocacy efforts. As well as create a positive perception of Advia Credit Union among the employees and group members. Encourage participants to be promotors of leadership development by collaborating with fellow forward thinking credit union oriented professionals who are active in the civic, social and busin ess activities within Advia Credit Union and the credit union movement. We will plan all of our activities around making Advia Credit Union a place where we look to inspire professionals to work, develop, learn and grow. To provide high level support and motivation which will encourage knowledge attainment through development opportunities and experiences. To sustain and maintain a networking community of professionals who are seeking career development with Advia Credit Union. 

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