2015 Applicant: Jae Kim

Jae Kim is a 32-year-old Branch Manager of Servus Credit Union ($14B) in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Project Title
Leveraging Cooperation Among Cooperatives

Short Pitch    
It’s time to ‘Disrupt’ to revolutionize what Advocacy means for the global movement

Recently, in the US, we’ve seen roughly 1 million new immigrants enter the country every year, in Canada, this figure is roughly a quarter of a million annually. Over 40 million Americans are foreign born (13% of the population). In Canada, this percentage is even greater at 1 in 5 Canadians being foreign born (6.8 million of the population). These trends offer opportunities to expand outside of traditional strategies.

A project I’d propose over the next year would be for Credit Union’s globally to collaborate, connect and advocate for each other. Some countries have their own Credit Union finder or search apps but why don’t we have a global platform/application that helps CU’s, employees and our members find each other from all around the world easier. As a member moves from country to country, if we can connect with them prior to arriving, our odds of keeping them as a member go exponentially up. Once they land, if we deliver, we will then also be able to penetrate the cultural connections they make in their new Country also. 

This advocacy will continue to spread as the CU way is fundamentally the best business model and it will spread with advocacy.

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