2015 Applicant: Garrick Throckmorton

Garrick Throckmorton is a 35-year-old Assistant Vice President Organizational Development of Allegacy Federal Credit Union ($1B) in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, United States.

Project Title
Healthcare Financial Advising

Short Pitch
Through cross sector collaborations implement meaningful strategies that improve the wealth and health of our members.

Helping members make smart financial choices. For years our mission has provided a drum beat for our decision making across all business units including one of our successful offerings, the Allegacy Investment Group. With over 1 billion dollars in assets under management, we continue to earn our members trust through our holistic and consultative approach. 

However, despite the most advanced financial analysis and expert guidance, we acknowledge that there is a giant problem facing the United States and our members. This giant problem? Escalating healthcare costs alongside a decline in the average American’s health. This is why healthcare cost is one of the largest costs that we will face in retirement, and it is also a leading driver for personal bankruptcy! Therefore, in order to help our members make smart financial choices, and provide financial planning that exceeds the expectations of the marketplace, we designed Healthcare Financial Advising.

Through cross sector collaboration with a major healthcare provider, we provide the option to engage in healthcare financial advising where our members receive a predictive picture of their future health, combined with a detailed view of the potential future healthcare cost, using a biometric screening approach. This one of a kind solution builds a bridge between one’s health, and wealth, that has previously not been available. We are not healthcare providers, but at Allegacy we know wellness, and are using this passion to take our mission to the next level.

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