2015 Applicant: Erica Kemp

Erica Kemp is a 33-year-old Service and Culture Manager of Credit Union 1 ($925M) in Anchorage, Alaska, United States.

Project Title
Young Professionals Group

Short Pitch
To develop the career paths of our employees in an inviting and professional manner, help cultivate new relationships, learn about political advocacy, and develop a Millenial Member outreach program.

I am implementing an internal YP Group so we can find motivated individuals who want to meet new people, whether it is for networking or social purposes, and be able to teach them that they can make a positive impact in the credit union movement. I want to empower the staff to think outside of the box, gain their insight and opinions, and help make Credit Union 1 a stronger and more appealing organization to potential members. We will work on a variety of research, watch videos and have discussions, work on projects and eventually work toward developing ways to attract potential members of the Millennial Generation. Our main topics will be on advocacy, leadership, innovation, cooperatives, and overall professionalism. Not only are we going to teach them how to be engaged, important topics to get behind, and how to be leaders, but how to also focus that energy in a professional environment so they can relate to all generations.

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