2015 Applicant: Brittney Dessart

Brittney Dessart is a 23-year-old SEG & Social Media Coordinator of PCM Credit Union ($190M) in Green Bay, Wisconsin, United States.

Project Title
Dream Maker Award

Short Pitch
My project consists of creating and implementing a Dream Maker Award which will encourage PCMCU staff to set goals for themselves and "go the extra mile" within our credit union and the credit union industry as a whole.

Statistics show that peers and camaraderie are the #1 reason employees go the extra mile in their workplace. Surprisingly, it is not money. Therefore, my current project consists of creating a way for our current employees to really WANT to go the extra mile, while getting all of them involved in the process. 

I will do this by creating and implementing a Dream Maker Award at PCM Credit Union. This award was originally created to give to an individual or corporation who demonstrated extraordinary contribution to the education and well-being of their workplace. I believe this award at PCM credit union would drive employees to go the extra mile, and set goals they would like to achieve to create a difference in our credit union and in the credit union movement. 

This will allow staff to focus on those individuals they work with each and every day and remember the extra miles they have conquered in going above and beyond. My hopes are that this award will allow each of us to vote for a person or small group of people who did a little extra, volunteered their time, proposed and lead a new idea or service into action, simply put- went the extra mile.

In the end, my goal would be that all PCMCU employees would aspire to be awarded the Dream Maker award, and that we can then pass along the differences we have made in the credit union industry into other credit unions and communities.

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