2015 Applicant: Brian Griffith

Brian Griffith is a 33-year-old AVP Marketing of Gesa Credit Union ($1.5B) in Richland, Washington, United States.

Project Title
Capturing History - Creating the Future

Short Pitch    
Our credit unions were founded by a passionate group of members who have unique stories that need to be preserved and remembered as our industry continues to grow and change.

Credit unions, at their core, are uniquely different than other financial institutions because they are built from the ground up by the people they will serve. This unique relationship between the cooperative and the member is rooted in a passion to work together as a community for economic improvement and a shared responsibility for caring for one's neighbor, co-worker, or family member. 

The members who built our credit unions did so when they recognized an unmet need in their communities. Standing today, decades after the founding of our credit unions, we could be benefited by looking back on the stories that make up the fabric of our credit unions and finding the pieces of our founders' work that we can apply in today's credit union space.

Because, in the end, for all of our branches, technologies, and physical assets, we are truly the sum total of our member's stories and experiences with their cooperative.

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