2015 Applicant: Ally Haegele

Ally Haegele is a 24-year-old Collections Specialist of Rocky Mountain Credit Union ($169M) in Helena, Montana, United States.

Project Title
Financial Fun Fair

Short Pitch    
A community-outreach event to teach people about the credit-union difference and financial health.

Since I've always been astonished at the number of people who do not know the difference between credit unions and banks, and since that difference is so key to the survival of credit unions, I have decided to host a community "Financial Fun Fair". As the President of my local Chapter of the League, I will utilize that platform to get all of our area- credit unions involved in the event to promote credit unions as a whole.

We will have various attractions and activities involving persons of all ages and all hosted by the credit unions in our areas. Some of my current activity ideas include:

  1. Each credit union will perform a "financial makeover" for a family in our community and we will present the results and the winner at the fair.
  2. Jeopardy-style game with trivia based on the difference between credit unions and banks.
  3. Provide budgeting and career-planning education in the area high schools the week before the fair, and then present winners at the fair.
  4. Various financial "prizes" including free financial counseling, homebuyer education, cash, scholarships, etc.
  5. Various games for children about smart saving and education expenses.

My passion is financial education, and I think the fair will provide a mutually beneficial opportunity for our community-members to improve their financial health, and for our credit unions to gain new members. After all, everyone getting together for the greater good is something you'd never see banks doing.

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