2014 Applicant: Wesley Williams

Wesley Williams is a 27-year-old Special Project Manager at Martinsville DuPont Credit Union ($273M) in Martinsville, Virginia, United States.

Short Pitch
We’re remaking our credit union and its’ culture – Restaurant Impossible style!

Want to see an organization go through a complete overhaul, inside and out? The current project I am involved in encompasses the transformation, rebranding, restructuring and rebuilding of a credit union and more specifically my credit union – MDCU. This project not only will inspire and affect our employees but also our members and the people in our communities. My current journey will open your eyes to the intricacies of instituting a culture change and the steps needed to make it successful. If you have ever seen Restaurant Impossible - this is Restaurant Impossible, Credit Union style! This project will allow you to bear witness to changes taking place at Martinsville DuPont Credit Union through my role as the Special Projects Manager.

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