2014 Applicant: Shawn McConnell

Shawn McConnell is a 30-year-old Senior Progammer/Analyst at Belvoir Federal Credit Union ($310 M) in Woodbridge, Virginia, United States.

Project Title
Going Green in the Digital Age

Short Pitch
We are going green in the digital age by increasing awareness of eServices.

Belvoir Federal has been going green in the digital age. As paper costs increase and the ability to reach members digitally becomes easier and less expensive, we are working on new ways to communicate with members electronically. 

Recently, we implemented eReceipts and eNotices. Our goal is to increase awareness and raise the number of members taking advantage of these new e-Services. When the members receive their communication in an electronic format, they are not only helping the environment, they are helping reduce costs and save the Credit Union money, which ultimately impacts the membership as a whole. When our Credit Union saves money, we pass the savings along to the members with lower interest rates and higher dividends.

Going Green with e-Services is a Win – Win!